Leather Diaper Bag vs Handbag

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Leather Diaper Bag vs Handbag

Leather diaper bags versus handbags. What one is better for your daily carry of things around town? What are the main differences?

First, lets describe both and then define each before diving further. A handbag, or purse, is smaller on average than any diaper bag. They are worn over the arm, shoulder, or clutched by the hand. The inside is mostly open for loose storage capability with one or two small phone or key pockets.

A diaper bag was created out of the need for more size and functionality for mothers with babies or toddlers. The extra size is for diapers, changing pads, wipes, snacks, bottles, and other items to make a mother's time out with her child easier. Added functionality can come in different forms with examples including water resistant lining, lasting materials, elasticated pockets for bottles, more comfortable straps and modes to carry the diaper bag.

How about a list of pro and cons for each.

Alise Leather Diaper Bags vs Leather Handbags
Same Vegetable Tanned Leather
in Diaper Bag
Extra Storage
Extra Pockets
Size Limits Styling
Durable Materials
Water-resistant Lining


The main difference in a leather diaper bag and a traditional leather handbag is the size. This increases functionality at the cost of extra weight. The weight is offset by additional cross-body straps or backpack functionality as show in our Colette bag

In the end, both bags types are great. I'll use 


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