Why You Should Buy From Us This Christmas (or at Least Support Our Cause)

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Why You Should Buy From Us This Christmas (or at Least Support Our Cause)

For as long as I can remember helping children in difficult situations has touched me deeply. For a long time, I’ve felt a tug to help orphaned, starved, or abused children. With four little ones of my own, this business, and more I've felt less involved than I want to be.  I want to be in-person, carrying for these less fortunate children with my children right there helping and learning. I would hug them, feed them, and care for them as every child deserves. We're not able to make these service trips yet as a family, so until that season comes I want to contribute. That's why we support this cause.

Usually, that means that purchasing a leather diaper bag, work bag, or weekender from us is an indirect way to help
. That's true and hasn't changed. Our bags make for a great Christmas gift as each oneis made of full-grain, chemical-free leather by craftsmen in Italy.
You can also donate to our cause directly. Bridge of Love Romania is a nonprofit organization that cares for orphaned children and places them in foster homes.Romania doesn't have the adoption and foster home traditions and infrastructure of the U.S. Bridge of Love fulfills a critical need but relies on you and me for support.
Make a one-time donation or schedule a recurring $25 donation for a specific child of your choosing. The money goes 100%  directly to the foster parent to care for the child. It canbe spent on food or necessities, or something larger like a bicycle.
The easiest and best way to contribute is to set up an automatic payment through your bank for a monthly $25 contribution. You can also mail a check at Bridge of Love, P.O. Box 1869, West Jordan, UT, 84084 or donate online.

Bridge of Love has been providing children with teachers and social workers for seventeen years. It's run by personal friends with hearts of gold who want a brighter future for these children. There are currently 49 children in need, you can see some of their faces with foster parents, below.

If you're reading this, then you likely have more than any of these foster children. End 2020 with an act of love by supporting a foster child in Romania.

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