Why a Leather Diaper Bag?

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Why a Leather Diaper Bag?

How did 50 moms answer this question? 

We had our own opinions why a leather diaper bag is the best choice for moms, but we wanted to hear from others. We asked 50 seasoned moms why they preferred a leather diaper bag, here’s what they said:

  1. Fashion - leather is classier and looks great

  2. Durability -  no paint or dye chipping like vegan or faux leather

  3. Matching - leather can match boots, shoes, or any outfit you can put together

  4. Motherhood means sacrifice, but style doesn't have to be on the list

  5. Sophistication - leather is timeless and classy, unlike the childish designs, colors and patterns on some bags

  6. Leather is easy to care for - just wipe it clean

  7. Real leather ages beautifully, it’s like a story

  8. You can turn the diaper bag into an everyday bag once the diapers are out

  9. Less is more - better to invest in one bag and keep it forever

  10. This last one is on us - leather bags are environmentally friendly.  The raw hides used by our tanneries are the discarded by-products of the food industry producing meat for human consumption, meaning no animals were killed for skin in the making of our bags.  We use vegetable tanned leather to make our bags chemical-free and to last for decades, so you don't have to replace it.


The question isn't why a leather diaper bag, the question is why not?

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