Why Made in Italy?

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Why Made in Italy?

The Three Reasons Alise™ is Made in Italy

Unparalleled Attention to Detail
We started Alise Design with the vision of creating beautiful, quality bags for women to last them all stages of life. No more cheaply made fast fashion - Alise is about timeless style and quality. Italy has long been known for the highest craftsmanship and a love for design that isn’t found elsewhere. Their innate sense of beauty and style permeate all they do: from stacking gelato with flare to hand stitching seams on Alise bags, their commitment to beauty is inspiring.

We began with the vision of working with an Italian family-run factory full of artisan workers studying every detail with love and care - and that’s what we’ve done.

Artisanal and Handmade
Alise bags are designed in the United States and made in Italy with 100% Italian materials and labor. Why Italy? The best best leather tanneries in the world are found there. They’re known for creating the most beautiful, rich looking leather through traditional, environmentally friendly processes.

The Italian leather workers who make our bags are true artisans and artists. Our factory is family owned business started generations ago.

Ethical, Guilt-Free Fashion
Consumers and companies have been closing their eyes to unethical practices and the plight of workers that make their products in developing countries. The dark underside of fast, throw-away fashion are stories like this. We guarantee you ethical, guilt-free fashion with Alise. Factory working conditions meet European Union standards and workers receive fair wages.

Who is making your apparel? 

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